If you have a shipment that has to leave the customer or from the warehouse, but it cannot be delivered to the destination immediately, you can use our warehouse service. Thanks to a large partner network in the field of storage with us, you always have the opportunity to have your goods stored. This can later be delivered at a later time. Also you can use our services in the field of storage use if you are eg. Received the wrong goods, and you can not accept or warehouse, where the goods were to go full or need space for other merchandise in the store and you need to store the actual goods elsewhere, for these and other services in the field of warehouse logistics we are here for you. 

Through our partners, we have different types of warehouses for different types of goods. Whether it is classic pallet goods or special food storage or even dangerous goods, we are at your disposal for all these and other special requirements . The time of storage of the shipment does not play any role. You can have your goods stored for a short time for only a few days or also for a longer period of several months. All according to your wishes. Are you say what goods and how long you need to store and we will find the right store. At your request, we can also arrange the collection and delivery of the shipment to the warehouse, as well as its re-collection in the warehouse and delivery to the destination through our logistics.