If speed does not play an important role in the transport of your goods, this is an alternative option compared to air freight, which will significantly save you transport costs. As a freight forwarding company, we can offer you comprehensive services in the field of sea container transport. This means that we will pick up your goods and transport them by truck or train to the port of your choice. There, your goods will be loaded on a cargo ship and will be transported as sea cargo to the selected port. 

We can provide you with complete container transport in standard as well as special containers. At your request, we can have your containers reloaded at the port. In addition to organizing the transport of a container from one port to another, you can also order the collection and delivery of specific containers from us. We will pick up and deliver the container to specific ports, where we will ensure loading and unloading on the ship and delivery to the end customer. In order for your cargo to be delivered to the destination in order, your container will be loaded, unloaded and secured on the ship by trained personnel so that they can withstand all forces that could occur during sea transport. In this way, we can guarantee that your goods will be delivered safely and undamaged. If accompanying documents or customs documents are required for transport, these will also be provided through us.