Vehicles from the fleets are in operation on a daily basis so that we can deliver your goods to every corner of the EU. We offer regular departures to all economically important centers in these regions. Contact us, we can provide you with fast, accurate and safe delivery of your goods at any time. In order to be able to offer our customers optimal services everywhere, we are well represented throughout the EU. With our partner network, we always have a suitable fleet for various transport requirements.


In Depending on the size of the load and volume of goods you have with us the available different kinds of transport vehicles. The offer ranges from small vans through standard trucks to MEGA semi-trailers or large-volume sets. We have a proven partner network that we can contact at any time. In this way, we always remain constant with regard to our abilities, and at the same time we can respond flexibly to the wishes of our customers.


If the quantity of cargo or the volume of your goods is not enough to use the entire cargo space of the truck or the load is too large to be transported as piece goods, the best option is to use our partial transport option. On the positive side, thanks to the optimal use of the vehicle’s capacity, you will save considerable transport costs.

What can we further offer you:

Thanks to modern support, we can assemble one large complete load from several partial costs to various senders. We will calculate the estimated time of arrival of your shipment so that we can deliver your goods without major detours and in the shortest possible time.


If it is a large-volume transport, where a large amount of goods or goods with a large volume must be loaded, we have a simple and proven solution for you. By deploying high-volume trucks, we will ensure that your goods arrive undamaged and on time to the required destination. 

When transporting food, but also for highly sensitive pharmaceutical products or medicinal products, the transport must usually take place in a temperature-controlled manner. We know how crucial the freshness factor is, especially for food, and what legislation applies in the destinations . To this are added and very high demands are placed on the logistics of sensitive goods, such as food and medicine. You can always rely on the experience of our employees and the performance of the vehicles and their technical equipment that we have at our disposal. Used refrigerated and insulating vehicles are subject to regular inspections so that we can guarantee their excellent technical condition and thus be able to deliver your shipment always fresh and undamaged to the required destination on the required date.    

At your request, we also provide special transport and project logistics. If you have such a project, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be looking forward to the assigned call and the implementation of the assigned transport. Our employees have extensive professional experience and knowledge in the field of “individual special transport”. In case of need also we prepare transport plans, the need to build infrastructure such as bridges or temporary shores for heavy and excessive transport and arrange road closures. To this also we belong to that necessary to organize special vehicles that are transporting necessary and appropriate of accompanying é vehicles during transport. You just choose the desired mode of transport and we will take care of the rest. If a special technique is needed for loading or unloading, we will organize this for you.   

If you have orders that do not fit into the usual plan, such as sudden extra fast delivery or unplanned emergency transport through which you can avoid delayed delivery of goods to your customer, simply contact us and we will take care of everything for you. There are many other good reasons to hire us for special or special transportation. Our flexibility and experience will guarantee you professional processing, fast responses to your demands and the highest level of reliability. Of course, our offer in the area of ​​extraordinary transport also includes express deliveries. In case of need we also ensure rapid completion of all customs formalities for the country.  

When choosing our partners, we take great care to ensure that all used vehicles meet the highest EURO standard for environmental protection. We also plan vehicle journeys in such a way as to reduce the number of empty kilometers as much as possible and thus contribute to environmentally friendly treatment through further negotiations.