If you have a shipment that must be transported over a long distance or it is the transport of perishable goods, where transport by sea would take too long, air freight is the ideal solution for you. We will deliver your goods to the required airport and also provide further transport to the end customer. In our range of services in the aviation sector, you can also use a number of other transport services so that you can carry out your planning more efficiently and quickly. Thanks to all this, you can implement your project even faster and easier.  

Whether your shipment is large or small, we will provide you with an ideal transport option. Thanks to our good and large partner network, we can offer you the safe and reliable planning you need for your shipment. We will organize the entire process, starting with the collection of your goods, delivery to the selected airport, customs clearance, acceptance of the shipment at the end airport and ending with transport to the end customer.

Furthermore, in addition to regular flights, you can also use so-called charter flights with us. These are oversized, heavy and time-critical shipments that must be transported differently than a regular shipment.

If there is no time pressure on the shipment and you want to save your transport costs, you can also use our group air freight transport. Here we collect several shipments from several customers. These are then prepared as one large shipment. The total cost of a complete shipment is shared by all customers, which leads to reduced costs.